What To Do If It Rains On Your Wedding Day?

Want to know What To Do If It Rains On Your Wedding Day? I got your back!


I get asked loads “What To Do If It Rains On Your Wedding Day?” However, the way I am asked is in a way which screams: “my wedding will be fucked if it rains!” Often I get brides (sorry ladies because it is always the girls) who literally shit their pants at the thought of rain. Yet on a Thursday morning Starbucks run for the girls in the office the same bride is practically oblivious to the fact that she is getting wet.

On the wedding day I’ve been asked “oh my god it’s raining, what do we do?” Ahhh, well let me sort that for you. Quick clap of my hands. Hummmmm…. Heeeee…. Harrrr…. stamp foot twice. There you go. The rain will be stopped in 3 and a half minutes. You can tip me later.

Rain On Your Wedding Day

So what do you do if it rains on your wedding day?

You crack on, simple as that. Don’t get too beat up by it. Think about it this way, if it does rain (and statistically it will) do you think you will notice when most of the time you will be inside? No. However, if you are planning an outside wedding then things are difficult. Poor you though because getting married outside and having everything outside in this country is quite a brave choice! Will it really spoil your happy day? No it will not. It won’t be ideal, I concede that. But if rain is going to spoil your day then I think there are other issues you need to address before getting married.


How will I get awesome photos if it rains?

If you don’t mind getting wet then go outside! Have a chat with your photographer and see if they don’t mind getting a little wet too. Don’t expect the poor sod to get soaked and trash all their gear, so talk about being effectively covered up. You never know, you might get one of them cool photos where all the rain is illuminated and sparkly. Like the one you saw on Pinterest. Rain On Your Wedding Day IS NOT the worst thing that can happen. So don’t treat it like it is. You could get married abroad if you have ombrophobia.


In all seriousness now, if it does rain. Rock it. Go with it. Don’t let it put a dampner on your day. Have fun and enjoy every moment!



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