Will It Really Be A Fairytale Wedding?

That question you don’t want answering truthfully: Will It Really Be A Fairytale Wedding?


I’ll get straight into it and answer Will It Really Be A Fairytale Wedding? #sorrynotsorry for what I am about to say. No. The answer is no. 


Sorry to piss on your parade but lets be honest, things won’t turn out how they do in your dreams. The sooner you get around this, the better! A non-perfect wedding is the best type of wedding. Hear me out on this. Imagine if you spend so much time over thinking the wedding and playing out a role play in your dreams. You become so obsessed that you almost have a script for your wedding. Well, that is a disaster waiting to happen.

  1. What if your first look isn’t filled with tears?
  2. How do you stop the rain?
  3. Did you really master all the moves to your first dance?
  4. You’re staying sober aren’t you?
  5. You think you will have time to do everything you have planned?


The above list is just a small selection of things that can go not quite according to plan and should serve as a wake up call. When you accept that your wedding day will be a flowing event (sorry but you are hosting an event) then you will be able to enjoy yourself more.

I mean let’s face it, do you really want to be thinking of how it could be instead of living in the moment?! Picture these scenarios:

  • Walking down the aisle, you want your partner to turn and cry. Maybe you saw that awesome viral video of the guy that almost drops to the floor in tears. Oh yeah, that’s what will happen to you because you look absolutely on point. Yet, when eyes cross… nothing. A stare, a smile, maybe a look away in happiness. But no tears. Does it really matter? No.
  • It’s gonna be so super fucking hot that everyone will be outside getting their tan on and their selfie game will be on point. No. It. Won’t. It’s gonna have the typical English weather: dull. Overcast and dull. You’ll probably get rain showers and it will come out great when you are scoffing your meal. You’ll be battling with the veil and the mother-in-law will be whining that she is cold during her photo being taken.
  • Your first dance will be the awkward shuffle. People will be burying their heads in their phones trying desperately to get a decent pic of you whilst the DJ paints you in green dots.
  • If you are a non drinker then you can skip this part. If you have ever had a Jagerbomb then be prepared to get utter shit faced at your wedding. It will creep up on you like a bitch and the hangover will be a right little bastard. Good luck!
  • Providing you don’t black out from all the free wine the day will go incredibly fast. You won’t have time to play the garden games or talk to everyone eloquently. Instead the day will rush by and you’ll have flash backs of you dropping to C-bomb to Aunt Mable.


On a serious note, if you get past the fact your day will be anything but a complete fairytale wedding then you are going to win. You’ll have more fun and enjoy living your wedding day in the moment.

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